Candy corn Tarot spread (Halloween fun)

A cute little spread with a Halloween theme from my lovely friend Anton.

Candy corn Tarot spread (Halloween fun).


Feldy Farts From The Otherside

About an hour ago I was laughing and choked on my saliva(go me) when I stopped coughing and took a breath in I smelled…well, smelled like fresh warm moist dog poo…real stinky. I plugged my nose and gagged a warning to mum to do the same. She looked at me like ‘WTH is your problem o.O’ and I unplugged my nose to tell her one of the dogs farted and it was horrible and to cover her nose. She told me there was no stink…so I gave the air another sniff…NOTHING! It was soo bad I could taste it! (blegh) But nothing remained in a matter of 2 seconds. Now my puppy came into the room just then and started investigating and my older dog came and laid down with a big smile on her face. Truth be told I know the stench of my dogs and who it came from..gross I know. Well it wasn’t Mable or Lua at all…BUT my dog Feldy, who passed away last October, always had THE WORST gas. It would wake you from sleep it was so bad, and it often smelled like he just laid one out in front of you. Last night before bed Lua (the puppy who was born a week after Feldy passed and never met him) was sitting on the couch with me just staring over at the love seat. Then she perked up and got all serious and gave a ‘wuff’ under her breath, then jumped up and seemed to be watching something and followed it by standing on the arm, then back of the couch watching it as it went down the hall then she barked loudly and went off after it. She was looking down toward the ground so it was of animal height. Later that night I actually had a dream of Feldy and mum told me this morning she had been thinking about him. So I do believe my beloved giant pitbull lapdog Feldy has been visiting us and tonight gave us a fart <3 Bless his stinky little ass xoxImage
Feldy Denise Rose
2 January 2004 – 13 October 2011
yes he has a girls name for his middle name…what of it!

This is a post from my dear friend Nefer’s blog. The reason I am re-blogging it to mine is because she mentions me near the end and an experience I had in relation to hers that was a very first for me. I was replying to a post she made on FB yesterday (it’s the story in her blog) and I suddenly began to channel Spirit! I’m not sure who exactly, but I do believe it was an ArchAngel or an Ascended Master. Nefer has been channelling AA Michael since 1998 and is very experienced with such occurrences so I am honoured and lucky to have her for back up and verification. She was moved to tears by the message I had delivered to her, and frankly that means a lot to me. So please have a read of her experience and at the end she will tell you more and share the message O had for her. Bleesed Be and Love to All! <3

~Sama xox

The Magickal-Musings of Nefer Khepri, PhD

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

~ Hebrews 13:2, The Holy Bible. New International Version (c) 1984

Today I would like to share an experience that I had just yesterday.  I ask you now to please pass this along to your friends because you never know when an angel may stop by and offer you a test of your compassion.

I had just seen my GP for my quarterly scolding over my blood work & high triglycerides, but this time they were better, 200, so he was happy, I was happy. The lab is right near his office, which is across the street from the hospital. So, on Lab Day I treat myself to Dunkin Donuts, which is literally a 2 minute drive away. Then on Doctor Visit Day I also treat myself to DD. Usually, this…

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Happy National Dance Day

Happy National Dance Day my friends! You don’t know this but I really wanted to be a dancer when I was growing up. I never took dance classes cause mum didn’t think it would be a good idea (I agree) so I took ice skating and music classes instead. But I never stopped wanting to be a dancer! Two of my cousins took dance classes and had recitals all the time. I loved going and watching them, and everyone else, dance. Afterwards we always gave them flowers and took photos with them. I was so jealous! Even when I was 20!! That was the last time one of them had a recital. When I would go home afterwards I would lay in bed and remember my favourite dances/dancers and costumes and pretend I was one of them. When I was 9 and 12 I was in school dance groups. When I was 9 it was a summer camp program at the school I attended. I actually met my bestie, April Last, for the very first time at that camp (flung glue at her, long story but we didnt actually become friends till like 8 years later). The dance class had a routine we were going to do to Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’, I still remember parts of it! The other time I got to be a dancer was when I was 12 and the P.E. teacher had an after school program for girls and asked us what we wanted to do. We of course chose dancing! The song we had was called ‘Watch Out For the Hitman’ I believe. I don’t recall the artists at all, but it was something similar in sound to C & C Music Factory. I still remember parts of that one as well. I wonder how my life would differ if I had taken dance classes rather than music. I’m glad I went with music, but I still pretend I’m a dancer when no ones looking! I have Lady GaGa’s Monsters Ball on DVR and when ever I feel like being a dancer I put it on and dance my buns off!! Lately I’ve been making up my own moves, I’m pretty good! LOL I have another secret dream about what I want to be when I grow up, but that’s for another time.
Again, Happy National Dance Day!! Love You <3 xox



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It’s not a real entry but….

it is creepy! I got bored and took stills of my eye and made them into a gif :-)


That One Time I Almost Died

When I was a kid, around the age of 7, I had a “near death experience”. Right now I’m watching Super Soul Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network and they are talking about the subject and of course it is making mine flood back like crazy, so I thought I would share. :-)

Here’s the story: I was rollerskating to my friends house to see if she wanted to play. She was a French girl named Françesca and her parents were from France, she was fluent in both French and English, her parents were not. When I got to Françesca’s apartment (on the second floor, yup roller-skates up stairs) her mother answered the door and said Françesca was at the pool and she would come with me to find her. So, down the stairs we went and off to the pool (thought I was going to biff it on the stairs, didn’t you). We had almost reached the pool when my skate hit a bump and I fell backwards knocking myself out. Everything was black for me and quiet. Then a small pinhole of the purest brightest whitest light appeared in the distance. Now at this time I have no feeling of body whatsoever, I’m just there, almost as if I’m the darkness myself. The pinhole slowly starts to get bigger, and as it does more light comes pouring in. It became rather large and I started to see figures in the light. My great grandmother Parthina, who died the day before my first birthday, came forward to me. There seemed to be so many more figures within that light but she came forward and I somehow recognized her for who she was. She smiled at me, nothing more, but in that smile and in her eyes she told me I had to get up now. And then everything kind of just went in reverse, she went back to the light and so did the other figures and it grew smaller and smaller till I opened my eyes. There was Françesca’s mum in hysterics and sobbing over me. She had managed to go to some of the doors to the apartments near us looking for help and there were people all around outside there doors looking horrified. I sat up and rubbed my head, then went home. My apartment happened to be right next to us and the only one the poor women didn’t go to. I was fine, my mum called my doc and told him I knocked myself out and he had her keep an eye on me for a few days, oh the 80’s LOL. And that is that one time I almost died! :-)




Well now that that is done…

Ok, the blog FINALLY looks the way I want it to…I think. Meh it does for now :-)

I will be tweaking things here and there but soon I will start actually posting! I have a lot of awesome journeys to share from my shaman workshop with Robin Rice and crew. I will start there and see where this thing takes us, er me.


For now, I’m done for the day..or 3. Until then, enjoy Lua ;-)


SamaLua the Tarot Puppy